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Welcome to our sports blog. Here we will be sharing and celebrating everything to do with sport at Allerton CE Primary School. To see previous years go to Home on the menu

A strong week of ACE football!

A wonderful week for Allerton CE football was topped off yesterday with another victory and a clean sheet, once again!

On Tuesday we travelled to Shadwell Primary. Goals from Alex, Jeremiah and Lucas guided ACE to a 3-0 victory. Shout out to Oscar for some outrageous saves – one even earned him a high five from the Shadwell coach!

Back to back, we hosted St Paul’s on Thursday, claiming another clean sheet and a 2-0 victory with goals from Alex and Jeremiah.

Well done to Jeremiah for earning player of the game in both matches, voted for by the opposition.

Year 3 Friendly

On Thursday, our Year 3 team hosted St Urbans for a friendly football match. Our ACE team were truly ace as they stomped to victory 6-0 with goals Yasa (3), Bernat (2) and Albert (1). A huge thank you to all the families that attended to support our young athletes.

Legend Lee Burgess visits ACE!

On Tuesday 23rd January 2024 Lee Burgess visited ACE and told a substantial audience, including the current football team, all about his life as a professional footballer right to his development as a leading coach. 

Lee Burgess was Academy Director for ESPZEN Singapore in association with Real Madrid FC Football foundation. He managed 700 children from age 6-16 and 50 coaches. He was also responsible for the safe delivery of training all over south east Asia and organised tournaments in Bangkok & Phuket. He won the south east Asia league with the U10 in his first year. 

Lee was an academy coach at Leeds United for 8 Years. He had UEFA B – UEFA A for children. He had 2 years work experience at Blackburn Rovers FC, coaching in their academy. He also played professional football at Bradford City and Hull City.

The children and parents were really engaged and even got the chance to ask any questions they had at the end.

We would like to thank Lee for taking the time to come and speak and inspire our ACE community.

Courageous Cross Country runners!

Last week 13 students from Year 4, 5 and 6 represented ACE at one of the biggest school Cross Country events to date. Our Year 4 boys and girls had to run 900m around a mapped out course at Roundhay Secondary School and the Year 5s and 6s had to go the extra distance and brave 1500m.

There were 30 schools participating and over 100 children in each race. It was a huge challenge but each of them stepped up and completed the race. The support the children had for each other and other schools was outstanding, always clapping and cheering each other on. It was a tough challenge but they all did us proud! 3/4s of our runners made top 50 which is brilliant. The children were given great praise and you could see they succeeded for themselves and the school.

A special mention to Ben Chambers (4C), Erin Winter (5P) and Ivy Morley (6C) who all made it in the top 20 and have individually made it through to the next round to represent North East Leeds!

We are extremely proud of all 13 children who represented ACE!

Come and Try Event!

On Tuesday, 6 students got the opportunity to attend a ‘Come and Try’ Workshop at John Smeaton Leisure Centre. They took part in Karate, Volleyball and Indoor Rowing, taught by the PE staff from John Smeaton Academy. The students learnt new skills such as counting in Japanese, two types of volleyball shots, sets and digs and the techniques of how to use a rowing machine. Our very own Mohammad in Year 6 set the record for the fastest time to row 50m, 100m and 150m, as we competed against the other 2 schools. This gave the students an insight into activities they may want to take part in when they get to high school. It was a fantastic event and the children rated it 10/10!

PE so far in 2023/24!

It’s been a great start to the half term regarding all things PE! Year 3 are on Gymnastics, Year 4, Dance, Year 5, Hockey, and Year 6, OOA. See below for a bit more information on what we’ve been getting up to.

Year 3:

We’ve had a great start to the year with gymnastics! Over the past 4 weeks we have focused on balancing and the ways in which we can help balance in more successful ways, such as: looking at something still, squeezing our tummy muscles, arms out etc. The children then got the chance to create their own balances when we moved onto looking at low, medium, and high and the differences between each. As you can see from the pictures, we had some interesting and skilled balances. All children have really enjoyed the first half of the term, as we reach the halfway point, we can’t wait to have lots more fun!

Year 4:

Year 4 have had their dancing shoes on this half term, looking at different themes and styles of dance. Firstly, we had conversations about beat and what that is and how we find it within a piece of music. We started off looking at the theme of spy and ninja and in what ways they travel and move. Children created movements such as rolls, crawls, tiptoeing etc. The children have learnt what unison, cannon and mirroring is so far from this half term, which then enabled them to use their own imagination to create their own choreography. We have recently just changed our theme to carnival dancing which is upbeat and super energetic! 

Year 5:

In Year 5 we have been developing our hockey skills this half term, building on the principles of attacking and defending to take part in real game situations. The children have learnt how to dribble the ball with increasing control and how to pass and receive the ball when playing as part of a team. Once they had learnt the skills, they focused on decision making – when was it best to dribble and when was it best to pass? We took these skills into game scenarios and learnt the importance of space and how to use the width of a pitch to create more space for our team. Finally, we focused on defensive skills and how to tackle and intercept safely with our hockey sticks. The culmination of our unit was a six-sided tournament to put our skills into action. 

Year 6:

Outdoor adventurous activities is the title of this half terms topic within PE for Year 6. Whatever the weather we are outside. This topic is highly based around teamwork, communication, problem solving and lots more. We have had every type of weather so far and it’s really added to our experience. We began the half term looking at problem solving and working together to be able to get from one point to another point with different conditions, such as only using certain body parts. We then moved onto navigation; communication was key within this lesson. We spoke about different ways of communication, through speech, but also thought about other ways of communication, as some people might not be able to use speech or hear speech. We had some great conversations about what we could do to help navigate our partner from point A to point B and there were some successful ideas too. 

BMX Event: 

Last week Miss Patchett and 7 children from both Year 5 & 6 travelled to Urban Bike Park to take part in a BMX Experience. Some of the children had been picked due to their great attendance before summer and they got to choose a couple of friends to go alongside them. The children tried new things, conquered fears, made lots of memories and most of all had so much fun. Children rode around the BMX track, up hills, ramps, corners and lots more as they were taught the differences between BMX racing and riding a normal bike. We like to reward children for their efforts in school therefore keep up the hard work and it could be you picked to go on the next event.